In the 24 hour world of hotel operations

it is easy to lose the sleep over your hotel’s room revenue fast, accurate, reliable, market intelligence, everyday helps you respond to changes in your local market... and stay ahead of competition sleep as well as your quest...

Helping you is our mission….

CM Platinum Hotel Management & Development has a cultural understanding as developers and financiers. We are developers of tourism, leisure and  entertainment industry. CM Hotel Management & Development is a front runner in tourism investments with helping investors reach their target.

Success stories…

CM ‘s roots are in the hotel and accommodation sector. It was the first area of operation company at its start in 1986. We have included some Case studies to give examples of specific projects that we have been invelced with in order to give prospective clients an idea of the type of work that we do.


We have been involved with projects in all phases of the property life cycle.

We are ready to convert your ideas into reality and provide Professional Guidance and advice to make your business or operations more profitable.

We can help you develop your products infrastructure, Organisation, services and many other areas of your operations.

Business Development

We provide an unlimited range of international Management and Marketing Consultancy Services. These can be Market research, feasibility studies, training&recruitment, strategic planning, design, contract&Project Management, construction&mobilisation and operationaş management.


WHY use CM PlatinumHotel Management & Development ?.

Based on our international experience , we investigate your existing business, advise you upon improvements or carry out operational management for you.

C&M Consulting will obtain a Business Plan and Strategy or Marketing Plan and Strategy.

WHAT can we do for you?.

We provide you with analysis Assessment an Evaluation of strengths, constraints and opportunities to develope business new markets and idea to ensure profitability.

We assist you with associated services covering such areas as :

Research, Viability, Design, Technical services, Constructions, Project Management and Operational Management.

We also can help if you need independent quidance and advice to establish and develop new business...






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